Company History


After our incorporation, we were approved and awarded the MSI-AIS Entry status by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore(“MPA”) on 12th September 2012.


Within a span of one year, we have purchased three (3) second-hand bulk carriers from our parent company, followed by an additional one (1) bulker in the next year. Subsequently, we added a new bulk carrier in 2014 to strengthen our vessels’ composition. We are keen to expand our fleet, not only in terms of vessel’s capacity but also the type of vessel.


The Green Ship Programme, one of the initiatives of the MPA, is designed to promote the operation of energy-saving ships in order to reduce the environmental burden in Singapore, a maritime centre in Asia where many ships gather.


One of our vessels, MAJULAH SINGAPURA, is named after the National Anthem of Singapore, which means “Onward Singapore” in Malay. She is an environmentally-friendly ship that coincides with the Green Ship Programme which encourages Singapore-flagged ships to reduce carbon dioxide and Sulphur oxides emissions. We are proud to receive the Green Ship award (Click here to view) for MAJULAH SINGAPURA on 25 November 2014.